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An ultrafast image viewer


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Honeyview is a brilliant image viewer that is super-fast and takes no longer than a millisecond to load pictures as you flick through them.

The program is compatible with most formats, so you won't run into any trouble if you're trying to access a gallery composed of images with different extensions, even if, for example, they are in compressed formats like ZIP, RAR, 7z, or TAR.

Honeyview works not only as an independent display, but also shows the EXIF data for each photo on your home screen if you select this option. Thus you can see the file size, date, and, if it's a JPEG, the parameters with which the shot was taken, such as the manufacturer, model, shutter speed, aperture, and ISO sensitivity.

The app even provides the GPS location of all your images via Google Maps, as well as rotate the photos, move them to different folders, add them to your favorites, insert markers, and view them as a slideshow.